Will we interface our consciousness with neural networks of the future and record our life experiences in order to live forever in some form of AI or a cloned body? Will the world’s best doctor’s experiences be recorded and used to train AI driven surgical robots to perform millions of simultaneous diagnosis and surgeries around the world as if they were there in person? Will we tackle antigravity, travel beyond the speed of light or learn about the laws of the universe? Most likely, and software engineering will be in the forefront of these new frontiers shaping our future. 

When you create products meant to disrupt whole industries, your inspiration doesn’t work 9-5. Your hunger for knowledge and innovation never ends. In the history of civilization, there was no technology more disruptive than software engineering. Without it, we wouldn’t walk on the moon, have access to every bit of humankind knowledge, hear any song ever written, be able to interact with our families across the globe or even dream of exploring the worlds beyond our own planet. The possibilities are limitless and only bound by our own imagination.